02 February 2015

Mega HAED update

Antares by Krystal Camprubi is now 73 % completed
Antares January 2015 photo Antares Jan 2015_zpslbq2sns0.jpg
Golden by Marta Dahlig - 10 pages complete.
Golden January 2015 photo Golden Jan 2015_zpsu11r0o1h.jpg
Still Life by Gerard Van Spaendonck is 8.5% complete: I'm splitting stitching by doing some black and then some confetti.
Still Life January 2015 photo Still  Life Jan 2015_zpsqd3xc0yq.jpg


  1. Fabulous work! Congratulations and so much stitching accomplished!

  2. Wow, your progress is amazing =) All your projects looks fantastic =)