09 March 2014

March 2014 New Start Update and more!

Finally another update!  Have been busy model stitching for the last few weeks but have also managed to do some stitching on my own projects.

Still Life on a Marble Pedestal (HAED) - first update picture - 14000+ sts

Still Life March 2014 photo StillLifeMarch2014_zpsf7cd2618.jpg

Healing (HAED) - 42000 sts

Healing March 2014 photo HealingMarch2014_zps17656147.jpg

Fisherman's Lodge - 30 rows

Fisherman's Cottage March 2014 photo FishermansCottage2014_zps0b9e7259.jpg

Ribbons & Bows (HAED) - 17000 sts

Ribbons 2014 photo RibbonsMarch2014_zps8b82a720.jpg

Rainbow Eye (LoveThyThread) - 15000 sts
Rainbow Eye March 2014 photo RainbowEyeMarch2014_zps29ae0a93.jpg

Hopefully I am going to join in the Save the Stitches SAL with the Stitchalong FB group.  This is using a freebie pattern from Blackwork Journey


  1. Have just found your blog. Very inspiring as I'm about to start my first HAED. Your Three Graces is stunning and your WIPs are all great.

    1. Thanks Justine: have looked at your lovely blog.
      Tried to follow you but blogger not working at the moment.

    2. You have made some great progress!