01 January 2014

New Year! New Start! New Goals!

Happy New Year to all my followers!

I decided to start 2014 with a new colour scheme for the blog.

Today my new start project is Still Life on Marble Pedestal by Gerard Van Spaendonck from HAED: this was chosen by the other half.  It's a monster, 81 pages, 625 x 797 .

Also worked out my goals for 2014: actually managed to complete all the goals for 2013.

Here are some of my current projects

Calendar Cats by Design Work - 22% completed

Calendar Cats December 2013 photo CalendarCatsDec13640x226_zps37fe18e9.jpg

Golden by Marta Dahlig - 62% complete

Golden Dec 2013 photo GoldenDec2013_zpse68ffe75.jpg

Healing by Linda Ravenscroft - 15%

Healing Dec 2013 photo HealingDec2013_zpse5209230.jpg

Antares by Krystal Camprubi - 60% complete

Antares Dec 2013 photo AntaresDec2013_zps9950f6ad.jpg

Ribbons & Bows by Irina Garmshova - 18% complete

Ribbons Dec 2013 photo RibbonsDec2013_zpsf1ac71b1.jpg


  1. Good luck on your goals and I can't wait to see the finishes!!

  2. they're all so beautiful!! cant wait to see more progress!