31 May 2010

End of May Update

Sorry I haven't updated my WIPs for a while. I have been stitching and working on a new venture (details of which will be revealed later in the year).

Red Witch is progressing and have completed 19 full pages and half of 20 - 24, so will soon be on the last row of pages.

Red Witch May 2010

HAED have released a new Linda Ravenscroft design, Healing, which I have added to my wishlist: it is a companion piece to Red Witch, a lovely mixtures of greens.

My 2010 new start, Marta Dahlig's Golden is also growing: here is the latest picture.

Golden May 2010

I am working on Josephine Wall's Three Graces as part of my rotation this week.


  1. Both are looking great.

  2. Red Witch is looking fantastic! I love the details in HAED charts, they are just fantastic.

    Great progress on Golden as well!