11 June 2016

Puppies on a Shelf!

I have now finished page 2 on Puppies on a Shelf by Adrian Chesterman as charted by Paine Free Crafts.

I think the puppies will start to appear on page 3.

22 April 2016

Restart on Birds and Blooms

I have restarted Birds and Blooms Garden - this is the first picture - top 10 rows of page 22 - stitching this sideways.

02 March 2016

Update on Oriental Flower

Another 10 rows completed on Charting Creations - The Oriental Flower

Now I am going back to Birds and Blooms: think I may do this sideways as longest side is 725 sts.  Will give it a try as I don't really have long enough scroll bars and am having to fold the fabric.

19 February 2016

New Start - First Update

First update on Aimee Stewart's Birds and Blooms Garden - 2000 sts completed

28 January 2016

Puppies on a Shelf

First 5000 stitches completed on Paine Free Charts - Puppies on a Shelf by Adrian Chesterman.

Now it's back to Still Life on a Marble Pedestal.

26 January 2016

New Start 2016

First update on Design Works - Calendar Pigs - 30 rows completed.  This is the 3rd Calendar project, just Dogs left to start.

Also started Puppies on a Shelf from Paine Free Charts.

29 December 2015

The Oriental Flower

Have just completed another 10 rows on The Oriental Flower from Charting Creations.

The harbour is now on the stand: also busy kitting up Puppies on a Shelf and Calendar Pigs for New Year starts.