12 November 2016

A Finish!

I have finally finished Antares by Krystal Camprubi.  It was stitched on Antique White evenweave 25 count 1 over 1 full crosses. This is my 4th HAED finish.

11 June 2016

Puppies on a Shelf!

I have now finished page 2 on Puppies on a Shelf by Adrian Chesterman as charted by Paine Free Crafts.

I think the puppies will start to appear on page 3.

22 April 2016

Restart on Birds and Blooms

I have restarted Birds and Blooms Garden - this is the first picture - top 10 rows of page 22 - stitching this sideways.

02 March 2016

Update on Oriental Flower

Another 10 rows completed on Charting Creations - The Oriental Flower

Now I am going back to Birds and Blooms: think I may do this sideways as longest side is 725 sts.  Will give it a try as I don't really have long enough scroll bars and am having to fold the fabric.

19 February 2016

New Start - First Update

First update on Aimee Stewart's Birds and Blooms Garden - 2000 sts completed

28 January 2016

Puppies on a Shelf

First 5000 stitches completed on Paine Free Charts - Puppies on a Shelf by Adrian Chesterman.

Now it's back to Still Life on a Marble Pedestal.

26 January 2016

New Start 2016

First update on Design Works - Calendar Pigs - 30 rows completed.  This is the 3rd Calendar project, just Dogs left to start.

Also started Puppies on a Shelf from Paine Free Charts.